Our Children and Racism

racism We are living in a time that is difficult in so many ways. It is interesting that in the year 2016 hate is so prolific. I can kind of understand it at an earlier time hundreds of years ago perhaps because people didn’t have the resources to educate themselves. But, NOW! Come on!

We want to pretend that we don’t see color, and we even brag that we don’t; but let’s be honest, we do! It’s not seeing the color differences in skin that causes the problems; it is the treatment of individuals based on the color of their skin. I’m a red head and if people don’t use  that to describe me to strangers then how else do they let people know what I look like? The same goes as when someone asks what does your neighbor look like,  and I say he’s a tall black guy, and he always wears funny hats. Those are all descriptives but that ISN’T who he is; it is what he looks like. Trust me, black people KNOW they are black, and they are proud to be black so using that to describe them shouldn’t be a problem; just like using the word “bald” to describe a bald guy….he knows he’s bald so he can’t be surprised if people use that to describe him.

For us to deny that there are differences in people, color, or culture is continuing down the road of racism. Embracing our differences, learning about each other, opening our doors to diversity, whether it is socioeconomic, race, gender, etc., is a wonderful opportunity to embrace everyone, respect everyone, and grow to love them! I have to admit I wish I was a black woman because their skin shows no age! They look young forever, and me, a white red-head is nothing but a big wrinkle.

It’s not that our children don’t see color it’s that they don’t think it’s a big deal. To be honest, it isn’t a big deal. People are people no matter what. We all want to be loved, and respected. We want to be treated with kindness, and I’ve been fortunate enough not to have horrible labels put on me; besides the fact that I get the oh, you must have a temper (based on my hair color).

There will always be people we don’t like no matter their culture,or color of their skin, etc. I don’t like them because they’ve done, what I believe, something to make me NOT like them.  I don’t care for people I don’t know personally because how can I dislike anyone I don’t know? In that same vein; how can I love anyone I don’t know either? In other words, I don’t dislike people or even like them if I don’t know them personally.

I wish that we could see color, and differences no matter what it is, and have it not matter. Why does it matter anyway? It doesn’t to me, and it never will. I’m an old white woman, who wants love to replace hate, for people to treat each other with respect. No, I’m not perfect, and there are some cultural differences I don’t agree with; like stoning women when they’ve been raped, female mutilation, and perpetrating teachings of superiority based on skin color, religion, gender, etc.

Can’t we recognize we are human beings, and that we all deserve to be respected, treated with kindness, and greet everyone with a warm smile and hello? That’s all. Our children do, and shame on adults for not doing the same.