Awe what to write about….


Don’t you just think, when you write a blog, why am I so interesting that people want to read what I write? Or, how do I promote my business with what I write. I have to admit…I don’t know. What on earth can I write about that is fresh, insightful, witty, and interesting enough to keep a readers attention? Again, I don’t know.

I own and operate a babysitting agency and I read a lot about children, parents, etc. and as I read I don’t really see anything new. It seems like it’s just the same information that circles back around. Take today for example; I read a post on twitter that had an interesting title so I clicked on it. The title said something about how to get out the door on time with kids. It was about insightful as a sock! Basically this guy just put a morning schedule down, i.e.; 6:00 am wake everyone up (duh), 6:10 am make and eat breakfast (duh again), 6:30 am get dressed (you can see how this is going), and this guy said this was a template. All good advice (I guess if you have perfect kids and they get up, eat, get dressed, brush their teeth, and smoothly are ready to go out the door at the exact time) but this is FANTASY!!!!

As a babysitter and a person who is very familiar with getting kids ready to go ANYWHERE on time I know that making a list isn’t the way you will make it happen. Actually I think it will just set high expectations, and when you don’t get out the door (which you probably won’t) smoothly you have basically set yourself up for failure (and we all know how that feels).

I don’t know. I don’t think anyone has parenting down; not even the “experts”. Being a parent is hard to figure out, and we just want to know we are in the same boat together. I think parents need to know that they aren’t going to be perfect, their kids will grow up with issues that they will cause, inadvertently or otherwise, kids will probably have to go to counseling that will let them know that their parents did the best they could, and then voila kids will have kids of their own and they will then realize how hard it is, and be grateful for all that their parents did for them.

Trust me, it’s a long wait but well worth it. You’ll also love being a grandparent! Gratitude and a grandparent…you are blessed (just remember that when you can’t get anywhere on time, kids are running around like wild chimpanzees, your house is in constant disarray and feels sticky, and you feel like all you do is raise your voice or all out yell all the time; peace is coming).