March and Spring

spring I ADORE spring! I simply adore this season. The days are getting longer (I love sunlight and long days), anticipation is in the air, I start planning my garden, and begin my garden plants indoors, I get to take kids outside more for activities, AND I don’t have to bundle them up so I don’t have to worry about keeping track of all their outerwear, the flowers like hyacinth begin to peak out of the ground, and the world begins to awaken with color.

This is the time of year that I feel the most lucky to have the job and business that I have. I get to participate in the earth’s rejuvenation by being out in it, and teaching my beautiful children about seasons, and how the earth does what it does. I often take my littlest charges out on nature walks, and one family that I have on a weekly basis I took the kids out and collected the different plants that were out during each season, and charted through the year.

Spring is the season that gets me excited about the love I have for the earth, and motivates me to enlighten my little ones about the wonder of nature, the beauty, and miracle of what we call nature.

A SIMPLE THANK YOU TO SPRING, and really nothing more.