Love Your Family With All It’s Flaws

Trust me when I say that my family is THE MOST dysfunctional family EVER! There are members of the family that we just don’t like all together and we don’t hide it (putting it in writing sounds really off putting). Our mom has disowned all of her children, and most of my siblings don’t stay in touch, we never get together as an entire entity, and when I tell people I haven’t gone to my home state where my family resides for over 3 years they can’t believe it.

I’m not blameless in this either. I’m not the most thoughtful person when it comes to remembering special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, I’m not even good at sending Thank you cards. I hate admitting this, and through the years I have tried to be better at it but in the end I just go back to my horrible behavior.

But, in my defense, I love my family. I love the honesty we share with one another even though it’s hurtful sometimes. I can’t do anything to have a relationship with my mom (that’s her doing) but I love her in spite of herself. She’s been hurt in life, and this is how she has handled it. She doesn’t even have anything to do with her own siblings. It is up to me to have compassion and understanding for her short comings.

I guess that has been my lesson in life; to love my family with all their flaws, and pray that they love me for mine. My heart fills with an odd sense of softness in my heart when I think of them. We all have our own struggles, and I hope they have the same softness when they think of me.

Now that I’ve given you some insight into my family (I hope it wasn’t TMI), I hope that you can love your family through all the struggles we face, they face, and however you express that love should be enough for them and for you.

We are in this world to love one another, and especially our families no matter what form they take. May you and your family have a beautiful Valentine’s Day.



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