2016! Insane…

Another year! I can’t believe another year is here. It’s amazing to me how I feel at the  beginning of a new year. I feel so full of hope for the future like everything is brand new. I can do anything, I can be Super Babysitter AND business owner! I will be able to motivate my babysitters, and they will take every babysitting opportunity I have, and I don’t need to scramble to find someone to take a family.


But alas, it is only the 6th and my super babysitter cape is starting to melt, smoke, and droop; The Super Business Owner mask is torn, and my super hero muscles have already become loose. DARNIT! I have clients that haven’t paid their invoices, my babysitters aren’t stepping up to the opportunities I have asked them to take, and I’m out babysitting all the time now, hence business owner hat is hanging out floppy on my computer.

My goals for 2016 seem so lofty now that the year has begun, and reality of 2015 keeps marching on. I don’t know about you all but how do you change things that you need to change but really have no control over? Staying focused on the positive as the year progresses becomes difficult. How do you stay motivated?

This year I’m trying a simple tradition of simply writing down one thing that was good each day. This idea isn’t mine it comes from the author of “Eat, Pray, Love” (I never read this book a lot of it seemed to be common sense, and not that insightful…awe geez did I write that? I’m just too lazy to do it…awe geez, did I write that too?) Anyway simply writing down one thing on a scrap of paper and putting it into a container of some kind seems easy enough. I don’t have to have a fancy stationery, pen, or container; I can just rip off a scrap of paper or corner of a note, whatever, jot down my one thing and throw it into my chosen container and done. I’ll let you know how it goes in March.

If you have any ideas on how to stay focused and fresh through the year please feel free to share.