Screen-Time Free Holiday


OH the guilt, the guilt of screen time, and allowing our children to participate in “screen-time”. I’ve read so much stuff about screen-time, and the whole debate on should I allow, shouldn’t I allow, if I allow should there be limits, and how much should be allowed. UGH!!!!

I personally don’t think there is a right or wrong ACCEPT never allow screen time to substitute time outside, family time, mealtime, reading, and conversation. Like everything, make sure there is a balance. Make you’re own rules and then stick to them. Experts don’t know your family routine, what activities your kids participate in, and how screen-time is utilized. I grew up watching TV (screen time for the old), and I’m pretty smart; given not a genius but strong intelligent scores. In this time of stress, education scores, testing, starting school before birth I say let them unwind like I do, by utilizing some screen time.

Anyway you decide (I’ll write a blog specifically about that at a later date) but if you’d like to have a Screen-time free Holiday specifically Hannukah, Kwanza, Christmas, etc. try these ideas:

  1. Realize that you aren’t going to be successful to expect a 100% free screen-time day. The more you prohibit the more the desire to have it. You know this, and it doesn’t differ from your children.
  2. Allow them to play 1 (just one) of their favorite games or watch 1 of their favorite shows. Talk it over with them, and help them come up with a choice that they won’t regret.
  3. Share a game with them in the morning before guests arrive. Have them share one of their favorite games with you and teach you how to play it. This will extremely helpful when they get a new game as a gift.
  4. Get them excited to have company come over. Get them participating by helping to cook, make place setting cards, set the table anyway they want just set out the tableware you want them to use, and then give them the freedom to create a table scape.
  5. Screens can only come out after all the guests (non-overnight guests) have left.
  6. Keep your own TV off, play games, and listen to music instead of a football game on. If you expect them to do without screen-time you must do the same. Choose one game to watch but that is the only one you get to watch.

Enjoy the holiday, and love your family time NOT screen-time.