Now, Let It Begin!

crazy christmas Yup! And, Submerge. Crazy times, schedules, parties, and shopping, has officially begun. Christmas kind of reminds me of Las Vegas in the form of a holiday. So much to do, lights, shows, shopping, and gambling (yes, gambling because you’re hoping your gifts will be winners). It’s such a funny time of year. We look at it as a time of stress, mayhem, but we look forward to it. We can’t wait to see Christmas through the eyes of the children in our lives. We love the twinkling lights, the trees, the red and green colors that represent the season. I used to like Christmas carols but since they begin playing November 1st I can’t. There is only so many times I can hear “Jingle Bells” before I want to run into a corner and start rocking.

I wish I had the same innocence and wonder that children have about Christmas. They have no idea nor should they what goes on behind the scenes. Aunt Martha complaining about her health and how dry your cake is when you serve her a piece, Grandpa not wanting to come be with the family because you don’t allow smoking in your home, the uncle you don’t want to invite because you know he’s going to say something inappropriate (this would be me) but your kids love him and you don’t want to appear rude, the people family and or friends that complain about how depressed they are because they don’t have a significant other to share this time with, and all the money it takes to host a party, a family gathering, and the presents.

Yeah. I miss Christmas from my childhood.