Gratitude Continues

memories I have to admit sometimes it is so hard to be grateful for family. After all family get togethers can be fraught with conflict, clashing egos, the need to be perfect, trying to prove you’ve grown up, make the perfect pie or whatever it is you’re to bring to the get-together, and hoping you won’t say anything that will get you in hot water.

BUT I am so grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned because of my family, and the lessons I continue to learn. I am so grateful for the support that they’ve given me through the years, financially and emotionally. My sister’s kids have been so very good to me, and I am so grateful that I’ve been included in their families as they themselves have grown into adults, and started families of their own.

I am a person that never had the blessing of having children myself but I’ve been blessed with being included with my own family, and all of my client families. I love, and I am so very grateful for, all the children, and families I have in my life.

I will continue to make mistakes, unfortunately, in my relationships but I am blessed that I have people in my life that forgive me, and love me in spite of myself.

I AM a person that is loved, and I have such a full heart. Thank you!