Nap Time: Awe Geez


Yeah, is it? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve checked the clock to see if it’s nap time on bad, impatient, behavior days. Sometimes I get to a family’s home at 7:30 am & at 7:35 am I’m looking at the clock only to realize it’s only been; what!? FIVE MINUTES!

Breakfast over, and play time begins, on good days, & there are more of those then bad days, the kids are sharing, listening to craft instructions, playing & pretending easily. BUT  on bad days; screaming ensues with tug of wars over toys, punching; I have one boy who growls at me when he’s mad, running aimlessly in circles around the couch, & for the life of me I can’t get them to stop. My sighes of exasperation are seen as funny as my limp body bows to the floor & my forehead touches the ground in a feigned prayer position. On those days, those days I can’t wait for nap time.

You know the days, where the kids refuse to get dressed, they run around shamelessly naked egging you on to do something about it. The days when they maniacally ask “why” whenever you say something until you just want to rock in a corner drooling. The days they can’t stop playing at the table to eat & end up spilling something red (it’s always red) on the carpet. The days you’re cleaning up a potty training accident while another child keeps calling your name from the other room to come & look at something “amazing”.

Those days are filled with the mantra “Is it nap time yet?” You say it over & over like children do when they have a 10 minute drive to get somewhere & from the time the doors are locked & you’ve put the car in reverse their repetitive “are we there yet” begins.

Those are the days that I just want my thumb, a blankie, stuffed animal, & quiet music so I can take a nap
Forget the kids at that point now I just want to clutch my stuffed animal like a long lost friend & take a nap. ZZZZZZZ


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