Sassy..”oh no you di’unt!”

sassOkay, now you’ve come to the age of sass. When does that stuff start? I swear it starts earlier and earlier. I truly believe that some kids come out of the womb sassing. Sometimes it isn’t even verba;l its a look of defiance, and then doing exactly what you asked them not to do! Geez.

To me sass can be defined in all sorts of ways:

  1. A child under 15 talking to me like I’m their equal, and that they know better then someone who has lived on this earth a lot longer then they have (and I mean A LOT LONGER)
  2. Talking to you like you’re an idiot, and that you’ve no idea about what you’re saying (that goes for any age younger then me which is practically everyone).
  3. Arguing with you about what is and what isn’t good for them; i.e milk is good for the body and better then soda…”No it isn’t, soda is better because it fizzes and tastes better.”
  4. Talking back to you when you haven’t asked them a question and simply told them (politely) what you expect them to do.
  5. NO. That one gets me every time. You need to go to time out…”NO!”  When they say that defiantly like they’re going to do what ever the heck they want even though they are 3; well that just gets my goat!

SASS: I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY DON’T LIKE IT! that’s all, and I simply have to breathe through it, and try not to sass back.