Does Anyone Remember Babysitters?

memoriesI have to ask: do you remember babysitters from your childhood? I don’t. My babysitters were my older siblings, my mom would leave me for overnights with her friends, and my brother was the absolute worst babysitter. EVER!

My mom got divorced when I was in fourth grade, and off she went to “church dances”, and a lot of those dances were on week nights, and that left me with my brother who was five years older then me. Now in fourth grade you’re right around 9 or 10 and that meant he was 14 or 15. He was a TEENAGER for heaven’s sake! He didn’t want to be stuck babysitting his little sister. He hated it, and he never let me forget about it either. He was your typical older brother, and he didn’t like his sister tagging along or babysitting me either. He would yell at me, throw stuff at me; not really at me, but close to me to scare me if he was mad at me. If I said I’d tell mom he’d threaten me about torturing me the next time he babysat so I never told my mom. Now, none of the stuff he did was really extraordinary, or horrible, mostly he was just tall and loud and that was enough to scare me. He made fun of me too but now that I’m older I laugh about those times, and think how much he hated babysitting me, and how I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t have wanted to babysit a younger sibling at 15 years old either.

I would beg my mom not to leave me with my brother but he was a cheap babysitter; free to be exact, and being a single mom she had to use the resources she could. I remember telling her that I could babysit myself too but she wouldn’t let me. Honestly I think I would have been better off.

I’m just wondering if my readers have had babysitting memories. Some that may have been better then others, memories; like my own, that at the time were stressful but with age laughable, some that you loved and wished you had kept in touch with your babysitter. I would love if you would send me your stories. Are babysitters memorable? Being a babysitter I hope so, and I hope for the positive.