4thof JulyNow that Independence Day is over I am going to talk about independence but on a personal level. Do you remember when you were little, and how wonderful independence, and adulthood seemed? The thrill of becoming an adult, being able to drive, drink alcohol, tell younger people what to do, having your own money to do with what you want, so many wonderful things you imagined for yourself as an adult. The world was yours if only you could get there NOW! Why is it taking so long? Adulthood is so illusive. Just imagine all the toys and books you could have if you had your own money!

Now you are an adult, right? You have your own money, your own kids, SOME of the toys you want, you get to drive now, and with that ability you get to drive to the super market, soccer practice and games, summer camp, schools, road trips, and to the movies where you have to sit through another “Toy Story”, another “Star Wars” sequel, oh and let’s not forget you get to plan and make dinner but no one wants to eat it. You also get to keep your house clean, the lawn mowed, pay bills, worry about your future financial well being, and paying for your children’s education. You now understand the complications of marriage, communication, and you now realize that not EVERYONE loves you!

Oh Dear! Now you just want to climb right back into the womb….the problem with achieving independence is you realize too late that you should have loved your childhood, the reliance on the love and protection of your parents, and cherished the friends you were free to play with for hours on end with no worries. Oh man…..


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