I Have Nothing But Love For Mom’s

mother's dayI have never been a mother. This is something that I truly wanted but the opportunity never arose. However when I was little I remember Mother’s Day, and really wanting to do something special for my mom. I remember saving my money and going to the dime store to find just the right gift for my mom, and enjoying the process of choosing something for her. I made cookbooks with my 6th grade class, and couldn’t wait to give it to my mom just knowing how wonderful it would be (of, course it was just a couple of recipes submitted by my classmates, mimeographed, and stapled together between colored paper mine was red because that was my mom’s favorite color). I still have mine. My mom gave all of us the stuff we gave her as she grew older; I don’t know why.

I loved flowers, mom’s, and all the wonderful things that represented mother’s day. But it wasn’t until recently that Mother’s Day is just another lesson hidden behind presents. Mother’s Day is a lesson in graciously receiving presents that your children give you, no matter how bad you may think they are.

I watch all types of mom with their children and I appreciate so much their ability to love the things their children give them: dandelions, weeds, used boxes of juice, scribbled pictures, glued messes of glitter, part of a candy bar; all of it. Random little things that children will decide to save all of a sudden to give to their moms, and each and everyone of the moms are so excited to receive it.

Mom’s are amazing! Loving all the little things that your children give you teaches them to be grateful, thoughtful, and gracious to others. You may not know this but it’s true. Every act of thoughtfulness that you appreciate, love, and cherish will bloom like a flower in your children. They will carry that gift into their adult lives, and share it with all the people they have around them.

BLESS YOU MOM for all the wonderful things you teach! Well Done, Well Done!