I Say Forget Achieving Balance!

Yup you read it correctly. Forget about achieving balance. I swear there is no bigger stress then trying to achieve balance. I say forget it, and achieve peace instead.

In all my years of living, being a professional, an aunt, a babysitter, a student, a sister, a manager, an entrepreneur, the list goes on… I have never once achieved balance! I don’t believe it’s possible, and it has caused me more stress then I can express. Plus have you ever seen a person in some sort of a balance pose, and thought wow do they look peaceful, and relaxed (like this guy for instance)? I can balance2 guess that the answer is no. It’s pretty to look at but relaxing, and something I’d like to achieve, again no. Why is it then, that we strive to achieve “balance”, and brace ourselves emotionally, and even physically tighten up in order to achieve it? I have no answer.

I think that it is so much better to have the knowledge that there will be days, weeks, months, and even years where you will be out of balance, and things will take more time then you thought it would. Your family may take a backseat due to jobs, finances, etc. Your job may take a backseat due to births, deaths, etc that come up that you will need to attend to. Life will never give you balance but if you sit back, relax, and enjoy the moments that are given you, and deal with the cards you are dealt with grace, acceptance, and the knowledge that you are exactly where you should be, and more then likely not very balanced you will find peace.

There will be days, and even moments where you take a pause, and actually feel balanced, and when you do; breathe, gently smile, and say: “awe there it is”.


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