Gobble, Gob…sorry for the interruption Christmas is Here!

funny-thanksgiving-dancing-turkey22 Thanksgiving, I feel, is one of the MOST important holidays that should be paused over, and not rushed over for Christmas. Thanksgiving is the ONE holiday we have that is dedicated to recognizing our blessings, the people we love in our lives, sharing a meal and conversation in gratitude. What a beautiful teaching time for ourselves and our children…but where are our hearts really? Oh yeah most of our hearts are on Black Friday, dealing and organizing Christmas. We are already being bombarded with Christmas music, and commercials. I really can’t stand it. Consumerism has eaten up a wonderful holiday, and monetized Christmas. If we are truly grateful for what we have then maybe we can really celebrate Christmas in a way that is kind, benevolent, giving to others (those that are truly suffering), and enjoying lights, good meals with friends and family, and sharing time together to help others, and giving.

Oh well. The above paragraph is a dream, a fantasy, and even I forget the concept I feel so passionately about. It is so easy to get sucked in. I would like to take this time to thank my clients, my family, my friends, my readers, and all the people around me that show me the reality of my existence, and that I have so much to be grateful for. I live in the inner city, and I have the opportunity every day to realize how truly blessed I am, and that I am a paycheck away from coughing, and starving on the street. I am so grateful for all the hardships that have assisted in building me up (I’m grateful now but I wasn’t). I am so grateful for the business I have created to help families, and provide babysitters that are excellent quality. I am so grateful for all that I have, the good and the bad. Oh my word I am really going on aren’t I?

Well I want also to give a little help in helping our children to pause and appreciate the lives, and all the people in their lives. Here goes:

  1. Be an example, and express the things that you love, and are grateful for everyday to your children.
  2. Engage in conversations with your children about what they enjoy in their life
  3. Comprise a list of the people in their lives that they love, and add to the list daily
  4. Engage in a dialogue on a daily basis of gratitude with your children even if it is simply saying “Yay the snowy roads aren’t too bad, and thanks to the snow crews we can get where we’re going safely.
  5. Tell your children every day how grateful you are to have them.

I hope this post wasn’t too soap boxy, and that you all are grateful for all that you have no matter how small. Love the Day!


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