Babysitting Adults (not “impaired” adults just adults)


               I prefer this

                                                                                                              To this

Why; because a child you can tell them that isn’t the way to behave to get things done, and an adult you just have to tolerate. Somewhere along the line some adults have learned that temper tantrums, anger, and all sorts of acting out will get them what they want, and they have continued it through their whole life.The bad thing is; it usually works.

I’m sure a lot of you have been in the service industry at some point in your life, and maybe still are (like myself), and when you come across people like this you are aghast. It’s insane! I can tell you all sorts of stories about adults I have encountered either by managing them or serving them that push every nerve. For example: Once upon a time I was a waitress (this is where you will normally find a lot of frustrated and acting out adults) at a beautiful garden restaurant. Outside the patio consisted of bricks and cement with tables spaced evenly throughout. The hostess sat me 2 people whose table was on the cement, and they (I kid you not) asked me to move their table to the bricks where they would practically be eating with another table it would be so close. They wanted me to physically move their table, in the middle of a busy service, to the bricks! They commenced telling me how upset they were if I didn’t do it, and so I did. I even had some people come in and ask for things not even on the menu in any shape or form and were outraged that we didn’t have it and demanded that they get it. We had to stop the kitchen in order to make fresh pasta for these people! There are a lot more examples but let me stop there. These people have grown up with a sense of entitlement instilled upon them by there parents. Unfortunately at the ripe age of 20 or so that behavior becomes boorish, at best. Unfortunately, also, it still pays off for the individual that engages in it.

I will out-and-out tell you that when a child acts in this manner it really doesn’t work with me. I’ve had children cry, throw themselves on the floor, scream at me, tell me they hate me, all manner of manipulation to try and get me to change my mind about something that they want or need that will cause death if not given to them immediately. My response is usually something along these lines: That behavior doesn’t work for Miss Jaidene, and it definitely isn’t going to get me to change my mind; so if you need to continue; you need to remove yourself to your room or somewhere other then here. This is spoken calmly usually over an uproarious verbal restrain. I just look at them with no expression or reaction, and if they continue I calmly pick them up and put them in their room. I have to admit it would be easier to just cave in and let them have their way; after all what’s the big deal that they didn’t eat a good dinner and now want dessert; why not let them, it isn’t hurting anyone, why not just give them the toy at the store they desperately want, etc. I’ll tell you why: because they will eventually be 50+ years old, and screaming at a salesperson about needing something for free that isn’t free, nor should it be, and will never be but the 50+ year old will continue to throw a fit, or they will demand that everyone around them kowtow to every whim that they may have.


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