Our Little Boys

rambunctiousboys  You walk into a room and this is what you see. Your little boy rough housing with your fairly new baby, or his stuffed animal; something. Little boys just can’t stop themselves. Of course I am generalizing and there are exceptions to this but for the most part I rarely babysit a little boy who isn’t ramped up by life, and physical activity. I love it; by the way.

I also find that playing with little boys is easier despite the physical activity because they don’t try to control how you play with them as much as little girls. Sure, you have to be more physically active generally, but as a whole just playing by there side is enough to make them happy when they want you to play with them. When you sit down to do a craft they don’t tell you how to draw, or paint, or color. I find that little boys are much less controlling then little girls. I can actually make a peanut and butter sandwich without them telling me how to do it.

Each gender has such a beautiful part of them. The gender differences are innate, and each characteristic should be nurtured, and cherished not felt that it is a weakness. In a world where little girls and little boys are fighting for equality it doesn’t mean that the gender differences should be minimized they should be taught as a strength, and that together boys and girls with their own strengths based on gender is a wonderful thing, and can change the entire world.