10 Tips to Get Your Morning Going Smoothly.
Aah the day is over and now it’s time for a little me time. Stop; not quite yet! Now is the time to make the decision as to if you want a hectic, scrambled morning tomorrow or a smooth morning, and it doesn’t matter which you choose it is entirely up to you; but if you choose the smooth morning, and maybe a little more sleep time; here’s some tips to help get you out the door in the morning with as little hassle as possible:
1) Pack lunches, and have them ready to go in their boxes.
2) Have what you’re going to wear ready to go, and already picked out; which means ironed if needed etc.
3) Have their “suggested” clothes picked out and set aside too (I say “suggested” because ages 3-4+ usually have very strong opinions on what they’re going to wear).
4) Have breakfast pre-planned, and everything you will need set out on the table that can be (obviously not milk or refrigerated items) i.e. cereal, cereal bowls, sugar bowls, cups, spoons etc.
5) Socks and shoes located, and put somewhere they can be readily put on. I’ve found that the socks and shoes thing is the WORST part of getting ready because for some reason their motivation for getting ready seems to stop right about then.
6) Keys in an allocated place so you know where they are, and you’re not scrambling to find them
7) Purses and briefcases organized, and everything in them that you’ll need for the following day.
8) Pet supplies or food and water filled and ready to go, and put up so they can’t get at them until the following morning, and you just have to put them down.
9) All homework completed and put into their backpacks, including any library books that need to be returned to the school, notes to the teacher; signed, release forms, etc.
10) Pat yourself on the back, pour a beverage of your choice, and enjoy your evening.


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