Blogging and Operating Your Own Business

me    Now this could be an image of me when I’m just working at the office, and NOT babysitting. I don’t know about the rest of you bloggers out there who are parents, full time corporate employees, etc. but I find keeping up my blog to be so difficult, sometimes insurmountable; that’s why you’ll see me disappear for months at a time (not good for my image; I’m sure).

Operating my own business is crazy! I place babysitters, I interview babysitters, I help families find excellent babysitters, I babysit babysitters, I keep a schedule for each babysitter, keep time sheets up-to-date, pay babysitters, invoice clients, pay incoming bills, keep track of who is where, marketing, and social media! To top it off I also babysit, I just love children that is why I started this darn business in the first place. Gee Willickers (willickers is NOT misspelled it is just a term, I guess, no one uses anymore)!

Then, you need to blog; after-all it is part of today’s marketing strategy, and you have to create a presents plus I actually like to blog but it is really hard to chisel out some time to do it. Oh yes, if I were a giant organization, and not the caring small business owner that I am I could afford to pay someone to do this for me, but I’m simply trying to be profitable and successful, while maintaining my sanity, my voice, my passion for families and children.

Maybe you could share with me how you keep consistent in your blogging (it would be greatly appreciated if you’d take the time to fill out this poll).





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