Answering their questions=Exhausting Day!

questions Miss Jaidene, where’s the pelvis? Why do we have a pelvis? Miss Jaidene, when will we be there? Miss Jaidene, why is Annikan good and then turns bad? Miss Jaidene, can we play on our iPads? Miss Jaidene, do you think that dinosaurs are the biggest things in the world? Miss Jaidene, where does the water come from in that fountain? Miss Jaidene, why is water good for our bodies? Miss Jaidene, can we have a snack now? Miss Jaidene, Miss Jaidene, Miss Jaidene……….!

Accept for the Miss Jaidene part; does this sound familiar to you? Seriously, from the time your children get up in the morning it is a non-stop talk fest, and answer fest. I nearly wish for the days of non verbal communication would return but then those days are filled with whines, squeaks, and screams (I’m not sure what I prefer).

The thing that is wonderful, however, is the questions! The questions are full of wonder and awe at the way things work and are put together. “Why” is the most important word in their limited language, and though it is exhausting to talk through practically everything; it shows a curious mind that is engaged with surroundings, people, and environment. I sigh a lot when I’m bombarded with questions, I pause a lot and shake my head with a smirk, but I always try to answer to the best of my ability. I complain about it (not to them of course), but I really love the questions, and at the end of the day: Exhaustion! How could answering questions, and talking non-stop be so tiring? Maybe I’m just old!