The Importance of ONE

how-to-drop-photography     Last night I saw a movie entitled: I AM. This movie begs the question: “what’s wrong with our society”, and the answer: I am. I have read the book: “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn, and it really opened my mind to thinking differently in how we relate to everything living. I won’t go into it here but I find it to be a very important read in order to change our ideas on how we effect life around us.

I’m not the most spiritual person you’ll ever meet, and I’m not a big believer in “The Secret”(if I can imagine it; it will be so). But in the movie I AM the research and science is being done based on life energy and its effects on everything around us is profound. They look at nature. Through studies they found that nature isn’t necessarily competitive but communal, that nature only takes what it needs (never more), and if it does take more, by chance,  a species will die out, or a river will dry, etc.

We are raised to be competitive, that there isn’t enough, and that we must have the best, the most of everything: why is that; especially when our natural selves wants to be loved and part of a whole; not separate. My friends and family are always making fun of me because I make choices to, I believe, better the world around me, for example; I don’t eat meat that hasn’t been treated well during it’s life. Now, I’m not a vegetarian but I do believe it is our responsibility that if we do eat meat that it is raised in humane conditions, and in natural environments. I also don’t eat a lot of meat because I believe that meat is over consumed, and that our environment would do better if there was less livestock that needed to be fed, and didn’t fart into the atmosphere (methane gas), not to mention our own health benefits when we consume less meat. I also don’t go to violent films because Americans have become a violent culture, and the lust for violence is becoming greater. If we take personal responsibility to stop going to violent films or watch violent TV then those movies, shows, etc will stop making money, and then they will no longer be produced.

It is not up to the government, the religions of the world, teachers, etc to make a difference in our world it is up to us. I believe this with every fiber of my being. Change is up to us, change is a community effort, and I guess that is why I started my babysitting service, because I want to have an impact on my families, my employees, and the community around me.

At the conclusion of the movie I AM they ask the question: what is right with the world, and the answer is I am. Watch it and you’ll see what I’m talking about because my fumbling here hasn’t really touched on the significance this can hold.


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