Where Have I Been?

index Yup! You guessed it! I’ve been doing taxes for my small business, and when I say small I mean barely a business but I still OWE taxes! I say: WHAT????!

I believe in taxes, I do, paying them is important to maintain a country that has a good infrastructure, decent (but definitely needs to be better) education, assistance for people who have a heck of a lot less then I do. But when I barely profited a little over $5000, and I still owe nearly $2000 I’m incredulous. Of course; I couldn’t pay a REAL accountant to do my taxes for me so I did them through Turbo Tax, which is incredibly great at walking a person through what they need to deduct and or can deduct, but I’m sure that I didn’t do it entirely correctly, and there were some things that I didn’t understand so I COULD have made them a deduction but didn’t want to be audited so I tried very hard to follow my understanding. I still can’t believe that I owe that. But fortunately, The IRS does make it easy to make payments, and now I know what I need for quarterly payments.

I guess it isn’t all bad. I find it discouraging, however, that I feel that most of my payments will pay for things that I don’t believe in. I don’t believe in NOT making education our #1 priority, and not JUST saying it with our mouths but actually following up with financial aid to our schools. I don’t believe in extending the hours that our children go to school without giving the best equipment and tools available to them for their education. I don’t believe in making our teachers the brunt of the blame when our students don’t do as well as they need to to succeed. I don’t believe in higher education being relegated to the rich or turning into profit, and forgetting the most important part, and that is educating our young in order to assist in providing them a possibility of a better future NOT a future with struggle in order to pay back their student loans.

I would like my tax dollars utilized for the strengthening our generations to come with education, opportunity, and success. That is what I want; not that it makes any difference. In addition I don’t even have any children of my own, and I pay a lot more taxes towards education then the people who do have children, and I don’t mind.

Just something to think about!



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