The New Trend for Parenting: “GRIT”

grit3   Surprise, surprise. They are now finding that all the TLC we shower upon our children may NOT be what they need to succeed. A good self-esteem is very essential, don’t get me wrong, but not allowing our children to problem solve obstacles in their lives, and, instead, nurturing them through difficulties may not be the answer.

I do believe that there is a balance to nurturing and allowing stumbles. I don’t think my parents were very good at nurturing but they sure were excellent at making me find my own way.

NPR ran a story March 17, 2014. When I listened I thought it is kind of true. I find kids no longer are exposed to successes and failures. When they compete they ALL get trophies; everybody wins or certificates are blanketing the classrooms. I have to admit when I was a child, and I was trying my best but I knew some kid was just being lazy, and we BOTH got an award I lost all motivation to do my best. I mean; why should I if the reward goes out to everyone.

I personally think that some adversity is a good thing when bringing up children. Making them face a challenge is a good a thing. I’m not saying to have them be scared out of their minds as you strap a parachute to them, and jump out of an airplane, but be familiar with your child’s skill set, allow them to struggle with something new for a bit. Give some great guidance that will assist them in problem-solving themselves, and then sit back, watch, and see the great shine in their eyes when they look at you and enthusiastically say: “I did it!”





Baby Care Means Parent Care Too

Baby Care Means Parent Care Too

The future of parenting is changing. As parents, we are no longer one-dimensional….Add to this the lack of time to take care of ourselves while also taking care of our family, and you can see how easy it is to get overwhelmed.

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