The Lighter Side of Child Care

giraffemom   Let’s face it children are hard; easy to love, but hard just the same. From the asking the same question over and over again even though you’ve answered it at least 10 times, and yet they’re still asking the same thing, to screaming that they hate you; they are still easy to love. Why is that?

Here are some of the reasons I find children easy to love:


  1. They are so innocent, and everything is new. EVERYTHING! I see the world through eyes that haven’t seen it yet, and they still find it intriguing.  They haven’t gotten all broken down by life, and bored by yet another tree, or grass, or mountain, or ocean. They don’t need to travel to Fiji, Europe etc….travel is the park and backyard!
  2. They’re honest! I am so envious that they can fall apart in the grocery because they’re disappointed about something. They just let it out with no guilt or wondering if it is appropriate. They say when they judge  something as; stinky, ugly, fat, beautiful, nice, weird, funny, old, etc. We would have a lot less stress if we were able to do the same as adults (we may have fewer friends, and be unemployed but less stressed).
  3. They are always happy to see you. ALWAYS! They are so loving, and can’t wait to jump into your arms to give you a big hug. They don’t think about whether or not your holding bags, or a beverage, or anything that could create chaos they just want to be with you, and give you a warm greeting.
  4. They keep me youthful. I have to keep up. Forget that crappy knee that gives me pain constantly because I need to run, jump, and play. If I have teenagers or tweeners I get to hear all the new music and add some to my music library. I also get to keep up on all the trends, movies, technology etc. that are hip and considered cool (I’ve never been that cool but okay).
  5. I have the opportunity to impact a life in a way that I thought was never possible so it makes me a better person just trying to give them the life skills they will need to succeed. I leave my somewhat harsher self behind when I’m with children because I want to be an example of calmness, and peace when they’re with me. That isn’t to say that I let them do whatever they want when they want to; I’m just more matter-of-fact and less emotional when telling them “no” or “get your stuff together we’re leaving because you can’t seem to make good choices right now.” I’m more aware of myself when I’m with children, and this improves my relationships with adults too.
  6. I can be honest with them too. Children will accept me for my humor, my quirks etc. when my adult friends could judge me harshly. I may wear things that don’t match but kids don’t care. It feels good to be accepted.
  7. I get in touch with that tender space in my heart that is guarded, and I feel more free to allow that nurturing tenderness to appear when I’m with children.

These are just a few of the reasons I like providing childcare, and that I like being with kids. Think about it; if you are a parent, or another form of childcare provider remember why it is that you have these children, and when life gets tough and they are proving to be difficult remember that they are easy to love.



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