Child Abuse and Reality Television

Get ready. I think I’m about to start a controversial conversation BUT I feel compelled to do so.

badbehaviour    Who are these people? Why are we not outraged, and reporting them as child abusers? Why do millions of people watch their ridiculous behavior, and basically condone it while they publicly humiliate children that come into their path? Why are parents putting their children in emotional harms way? If my mom patheticEVER talked to me the way these women talk to their students I would still be in therapy to this day or have committed some heinous crime for which people would wonder why I did it.

Several years ago a woman who was caught spanking and belittling her 2 or 3 year old child in a parking lot was publicly shamed by almost every news media outlet in America, but we as a people see nothing wrong with women or men, for that matter, tearing our children to shreds on public television and  so-called reality TV shows. WHAT??????? All in the name of teaching them how to succeed. Successful life skills are not taught by bullying. I don’t care what you say.

I am ashamed of these women and more who have become famous by subscribing to a warped sense of reality and success. I am ashamed of the supposed “caring parents” of these children who put them with people who have no ability to care about the child, the parent, or childhood (that is, according to professional studies on raising children, more important then being a childhood star), I am ashamed of the public who watch these types of shows so that these shows continue to thrive!

I know that their will be parents out there that will state that their children want to be whatever it is but that doesn’t mean we put them with people who will abuse them emotionally! Where is our moral compass? If I had a child and they came to me, and said they wanted to be a bull fighter I wouldn’t throw them into a ring filled with bulls. Yes, I would put them in a class with instructions appropriate for their age, and make sure that they had teachers that didn’t throw them into the air and try to spear them! Also, don’t tell me this is entirely different to what is happening on these shows. I will never believe it’s not the same.

You have children being treated like they are adult enough to handle the kind of criticism that happens on Broadway. They are children! That isn’t to say that they should be babied, and that everyone should get a trophy, everyone is equal etc. (which is a common practice too) but nurturing your children in such a way that will help them to handle “real life” as adults when they ARE adults is the key.

Giving our children the gift of an excellent self-esteem, independence, love, and coping skills will be the key to their success or pitfalls as they become adults; not treating them like they have the emotional skills to handle bullying from an adult in any form.

Keep our children out of harms way, and shame on us for watching these outrageous shows that condone child abuse and bullying! What is wrong with us?


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