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Gender Roles: Not as bad as we think?

Don’t let all the hype of anti-traditional gender roles fool you. According to a study of American Sociological Review in 2013 couples get busier behind closed doors more often when men and women engage in traditional gender roles; like men working on cars, mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, and women doing dishes, caring for the children.

The study found that couples who are both share everyday chores like cooking and cleaning have sex 3.9 times per week, and found that when men and women divide the household chores into their traditional gender roles the times per week increases to 4.8!

CRAZY! Apparently sticking to gender roles IS sexy!!!!


How Do I Say “No” To My Child

How Do I Say “No” To My Child

Learning to tell a child ‘No’ is one of the many challenges parents have to face and conquer. A parent’s love is unconditional, which is why he/she wants to fulfill every wish of the child. Although the sentiments are understandable, it is not practical or feasible to succumb to every demand of the child. It is important to draw the line between ‘want’ and need’. Many parents cannot get themselves to say ‘No’ or simply regret it when they do.

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