A Silly Pondering

glassesI wear glasses. I know, it isn’t really a big deal BUT if you wear them, and you have a lot to do with children they are a pain! Children under the age of 2 are fascinated with eye glasses. You can’t wear them without having them grabbed, smudged, thrown, mercilessly bent while the wee ones try to put them back onto my face.

Oh yes, I’ve tried contacts. My whole life (since high school) I’ve tried to wear contacts but because I have a severe astigmatism I haven’t been able to find a contact that is comfortable, and doesn’t blur while I’m driving. I even tried again recently this summer but, alas, to no avail.

I’ll say this too; their hands are soooooo FAST!!!! I’m playing with children under the age of 1, and low and behold out of nowhere hands darts up, and grab the glasses in a death grip, and with more dexterity then I’ve ever seen on a watch maker they are fluently flung to sphere unknown. I will say that children will do the same with jewelry BUT you choose not to wear them, glasses on the other hand you MUST wear; there is no choice.

Why do little ones have such a strong interest in eye glasses, and what are my options to wearing them? Answer: I don’t know. I guess I just need to take hand agility courses in order to block the eyeglass grab.