Sleighbells or, Just Plain Ringing?

sleighbells  Well it’s here. I’m never quite sure how to feel about Christmas. The adult in me is somewhat Scroogish or Grinchish. I feel bad about that, and even guilty at times. I think of all the presents I need to check off my list, the cards I need to send, the shopping yet to be done, and should I entertain? These thoughts don’t dance in my head they thunder and stomp! I look at my budget, and begin to beat myself up for not starting earlier or even setting money aside earlier (I’m one of those people that tries really hard NOT to charge my life away on Christmas). I get stressed, and a little bitter. I want to do nice things but I know I’ll be disappointed in what I can give, and so will my recipients, though they’ll be gracious.

I’ve tried the whole homemade Christmas thing, and I love doing it. I’m pretty creative with these presents like; making homemade raspberry wine and cordials or, for those that don’t drink, a mix of some kind that they can make together with their family, or photographs of family that I took when I was in my 20s, which is eons ago, or even used my artistic abilities to sketch family members (they were pretty good but you never like the way yourself looks so they never found it to the wall which was fine, I kind of figured). Anyway now I’m on a stint of giving to a charity for family members. Last year I gave animals to a 3rd world country. This year I plan on giving to a childhood cancer research program since my little nephew has been diagnosed with leukemia. I feel that I can’t give anyone a FANTASTIC present so I like to give to a charity that can be helped by my small donation. I’m sure that is disappointing too. Should I do anything at all?

I admit that I do love all the Christmas lights in the city, and on the houses. Seeing the lights gives me such joy. They are so warm, and inviting. My heart thrills at the sight of them. I like the feeling of family, friends, and the vision of them enjoying things together. I really love the feeling and energy of children. Their anticipation for this season is so wonderful, and brings back a lot of nostalgia for me. The movie: “A Christmas Story” captures a lot of how I feel both the good and the bad. I suggest everyone to, if they haven’t already, watch this movie.

Either way, and no matter the answer to the feelings of the holiday season I wish everyone delightful holidays with as little chaos and stress as possible.     hectic christmas



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