Holidays YAY or UGH?


English: Danboard holding a Christmas gift. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Oh wow. This month marks the beginning of the most hectic time of the year for everyone. Of course, I do love Thanksgiving because it is like the big long breath you take before you begin a difficult workout. Thanksgiving is the pause before all the activity truly begins.

A lot of advise is out there of how to schedule your activities, how to stay organized, and how to make everyone happy. My advise to you is; simply enjoy it. There are no wrongs or rights to the holidays but one: they are meant to be enjoyed by everyone! Parents can plan one or two activities for their little ones (I suggest only 1 to keep your enjoyment on the rise), plan some adult time (I suggest a lot of adult time that includes quiet and relaxation), keep extended family activities to a minimum, and present giving should be limited too. The present giving thing has turned into a giveme, giveme, giveme, marathon combined with some competition of who can give the best gifts. I suggest, instead of gifts, spending time with one another, sharing memories, and possibly getting friends and family together to organize a gift box for a family in need.

My favorite holiday celebrations have been spent with friends and family where gifts aren’t the main event. My family often get together for a white elephant exchange. This tradition is a tad bit competitive because we are always trying to outdo each other on finding the funniest gift to give. This tradition is the least hectic and most enjoyable activity of the season for me.

Keep your holidays simple, full of love, sharing, and making a lot of fond memories that are YAY memories not UGH memories.


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