Change; A Big Deal?

cloudchange  Wow! I am an anomaly when it comes to change, because I like it sometimes, and I view it as a healthy part of life and growing up. There have been a lot of articles I’ve read recently pertaining to change for kids, and how to approach it. The majority of these articles really emphasize the stress involved with change, and they go on, and on about our children’s perception of change.  I’m unclear if the fear of change comes from us as adults, and our children pick up on it; or if it is a legitimate fear children have on their own.

Think about it. Most adults fear change for whatever reason. Changing jobs, moving, marriage, divorce, etc. can throw a lot of adults into a panic (I can be one of those too especially if I perceive it as forced change; beyond my control). I personally believe that change; no matter if it is forced upon us or we choose it ends up to be pretty positive. I think if we react to change as a stressful part of life, and we allow ourselves to become undone by change we share this experience with our children. They become fearful of change, no matter how small the change may be.

I think letting children know that things are going to change is a very good thing, but spending too much time on it may be detrimental. I think (and this is only my opinion; I am not an expert on change; though I think I should be) moving forward with change in a manner that is calm, and nearly without pause is a good thing because change comes no matter what, change comes. If our kids grow up thinking that someone will tell them change is coming, and have these giant dissertations about it they will have a misconception that change can be forewarned, and that we can be prepared for it; when in actuality, for the most part, we don’t get any warning.

Change is neither good or bad. It just is, and it should be a healthy part of life. Teach change to be something to look forward to. Watch you kids to see if they have problems with change; like pants wetting, excessive clinging, behaviors that are out of the ordinary for them, and then address their feelings more in depth at that time. Share experiences of when you’ve had to go through change, how you felt about it, and how it turned out in the long run.

Moving through change with anticipation, calmness, acceptance, organized, and with very little stress will allow our children to learn that change is positive, and opens up new opportunities for us.






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